Protecting Life And Property

Our Mission: “to change our clients from vulnerable to invincible

Dragon's Breath Security Inc.

Nothing protects like a Dragon!

We protect life and property using the most technologically advanced defensive security systems.

Please explore our full and effective line of defensive security systems from Dragon’s Breath Security Inc.  If you are searching for real peace of mind, SmokeCloak security fog systems deliver like no other alarm system.

In need of a cost effective way to deliver state-of-art security guard services.  Step into the future with our Segway security robots.   They will save thousands of dollars in labour costs while giving you surveillance that no human can do.

Our Dragon Skin security film is an attractive deterrent on all glass entry points.  It offers UV protection as well as marketing opportunities as we can put images on the security film.

If you have concerns about the danger of a vehicle assault on your property or just protecting patrons on a sidewalk, our Dragons Teeth Security Bollards will stop a vehicle on contact.


Clinton Beck Speaking At Access And Privacy Conference

Friday June 14

Risks, Threats, and Security:
Safeguarding Your Data and IT Systems With Cutting-Edge Technology
Clinton M. Beck

No one likes being the victim of a theft—whether the theft involves the break and entry of your home or a
robbery of your company or organization. What measures can you take to protect yourself and your assets
from a thief? Join security expert Clinton Beck as he shares his insights about the products, strategies, and
technologies available for personal and asset security and robbery prevention.


Dragon's Breath Security SmokeCloak Segway

Inferno Sound Barrier

Inferno Sound Barriers

Inferno Sound Barriers are a revolutionary technology capable of safely denying access to critical areas. The award-winning Inferno Security Barriers are used around the worldfrom embassies to nuclear storage facilities.  This defensive security system will make criminals physically sick!… Read More

Residential SmokeCloak Security Solutions

Residential Home Protection

Residential Home Security Protection

The level and frequency of home burglaries across Canada continues to increase, Instead of being the exception, it now seems to be the rule that more and more homeowners are becoming the victim of this crime wave – Read more




Home Invasion Protection

Home Invasion Security Protection

Stop Home Invasions Now! Home Invasions are becoming very common through-out Canada wide as our population grows every year. Read More



Vacation Property Protection

Recreational Property Security Protection

SmokeCloak Smoke – Fog security is the best form of protection when you’re going away or leaving your home or building site vacant over the holiday periods Read more



Commercial SmokeCloak Security Solutions

Marijuana Dispensery Store Protection

Marijuana Dispensary Security Protection

SmokeCloak is a for-runner of progress.  As this new emerging marijuana industry takes hold in Canada, SmokeCloak is already protecting dispensaries and licensed producers.  SmokeCloak makes it possible for the owners to sleep soundly knowing their businesses have been taken from vulnerable to invincible.



Jewellery Store Security Protection

The level and frequency of burglaries and armed hold-ups in Jewellery Stores across Canada continue to grow. Instead of being the exception it now seems to be the rule that more and more retailers are becoming the victim of this crime wave.. Read more



Car Collection Garage ProtectionGarage Security Protection

As we all know nowadays, automotive collections, be it cars, motorcycles or trucks, these items hold value to many owners, both financial and historic value.. Read More




ATM Protection

ATM, Bank and Cash Security Protection

The cash handling, financial and banking companies have always taken the threat of villainous attacks very seriously and are constantly striving to improve their security measures – Read more




Tobacconist Cigarette Shop Protection

Tobacconist Cigarette Shop Security Protection

For years thieves have targeted product that has the highest and easiest resale value. The theft of YOUR product to satisfy their quick and urgent need for fast money results in one simple fact – Read more



Mainframe Computer Room Protection

Mainframe Computer Room Security Protection





Corporate Headquarters Protection Security

Corporate Head Office Security Protection

Thousands of other companies have now stopped their losses with Smokecloak Instant Protection, saving them millions of dollars and providing peace of mind – Read more




Armed Robbery Protection

Armed Robbery – Hold Up Security Protection

As the spate of armed hold ups and aggressive assaults continues unabated across Canada exponentially growing across all Provinces and affecting all manner of businesses there comes a time where you need to TAKE BACK CONTROL – Read more



Convenience Store / Service Station Security and Protection

Over a past year, Petrol Stations throughout Canada have been repeatedly burgled. During these burglaries, large amounts of cash and products are taken that cost the business owners thousands of dollars every year, and the subsequent damage runs into thousands of dollar worth of repairs – Read more



Warehouse Security Protection

Our mission has always been to offer YOU the business owner previously unseen security and protection for your stock and your staff. We do not offer a Security System we offer a PROTECTION System, a system that offers PROTECTION for your goods, PROTECTION for your staff and PROTECTION for your bottom line – Read more



School Security Protection

School Facility Security Protection

Over a past year, schools throughout Canada have been repeatedly burgled. During these burglaries, computers, laptops and overhead projectors have been taken and the subsequent damages run into the tens of thousands of dollars,,, Read more



Retail Store Security Protection

Retail Security Protection

Protect your retail outlet from burglaries and armed hold ups. Instead of being the exception it now seems to be the rule that more and more retailers are becoming the victim of this crime wave – Read more



Liquor Store Security Protection

Beer & Wine Store Security Protection

We all know that existing Security Systems and CCTV Systems play a very small part in preventing the ACTUAL loss of goods from your store during a burglary – Read more




Drug Store Security Protection

Drug Store Security Protection





Fun Facts About SmokeCloak

Military SmokeCloak Protection

Military Security Protection

Did you know that SmokeCloak is used to protect nuclear warheads and bunkers for many NATO countries including the USA & Britain?  This technology makes even a military installation, bunker or command center even more protected.  SmokeCloak is proud to protect the free world’s arsenals.  Nothing can defeat SmokeCloak fog technology.  Even the worst James Bond villain or terrorist would have no chance against a SmokeCloak security fog system. Read More



Art Security Protection

The World’s National Treasures Are Protected By SmokeCloak

SmokeCloak is used worldwide by art galleries and museums to protect national treasures.  The chemical used in the fog is the same chemical used to restore paintings in the art restoration process.  The fog does no damage to any objects, artwork, food or paper.  The piece of mind created by installing a SmokeCloak security fog system is literally priceless.  SmokeCloak was used to protect a traveling exhibit of Claude Monet from 2001 – 2004.  Even mobile exhibitions are perfect for SmokeCloak technology. Read More