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A Common Commercial Burglary Story Without SmokeCloak

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Every business owner dreads that late night call from your alarm company. Valuable minutes have already passed as your alarm company has been trying to reach you. Your eyes are trying to focus. You look at your phone and verify that you have been robbed. The police are dispatched but will not arrive for hours.

You rush to get dressed. You are now driving to your business as fast as you can. As you drive you are vaguely remembering a SmokeCloak security fog system salesman you brushed off weeks earlier.

You arrive at your damaged business. Destruction is everywhere and your heart sinks as you can see that thousands of dollars of products are gone. The damage created in the burglary is also costly and extensive. It will take weeks to repair the damage. It will take years to recover from the loss.

The Police have been busy dealing with other crimes all night and arrive at dusk to give you some paperwork to fill out in the hopes that they will have time to catch the felons.

Conventional alarm systems do not provide any serious deterrent to crime. Criminals know that current alarm systems make you a soft target. It is time to take matters in your own hands and protect your assets. SmokeCloak is your first line of defense.

Part 2 A Story Of An Attempted Burglary With SmokeCloak

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Your phone rings to wake you. The Alarm company is informing you that your company alarm is ringing. Your eyes are trying to focus. You look at your phone and verify that your SmokeCloak has deployed. You arrive at your business to find the door has been broken but nothing is missing.

The police are on scene as they were called by the fire department who arrived minutes after the alarm to see a broken door.

The robbery has been foiled by your SmokeCloak defensive security system.

Word spreads that your business is not to be messed with. Professional criminals realize that there are much easier targets and you literally never have to worry about being victimized again.

You have saved thousands of dollars.

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SmokeCloak Security Fog Machine Technology

Dragon’s Breath Security is Alberta’s primary distributor of SmokeCloak security fog machines.  They are the most technologically advanced defensive security system in the marketplace.  They provide you with an active unbeatable line of defense.  The fog / smokescreen defensive security system is a formidable protector that instantly foils the plans of any would be robbers or burglars.

History of SmokeCloak

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With operation in more than 50 countries throughout the world and more than 25 years of experience, SmokeCloak is the market leader within fog solutions. Whether it is about reducing losses in the initial minutes of a break-in or reducing personal risk at fire training sessions, our fog solutions provide instant safety. Established in 1993 SmokeCloak is the world leader in security fog products.

Security Fog Systems

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  • Easy 600 SmokeCloak
  • Easy 1100 SmokeCloak
  • SmokeCloak Easy 2200
  • Easy 24V Vehicle Defense System
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Easy 600 SmokeCloak

The EASY 600 SmokeCloak is a powerful yet simple to use security fog machine.

Designed for smaller areas, The Easy 600 SmokeCloak is fast and affordable protection

The Easy 600 SmokeCloak is a powerful and effective Smoke Security System.  This is a perfect security smoke system for smaller businesses, homes, server rooms and office protection.

The Easy 600 SmokeCloak protects areas up too 740 square feet.  If this fog machine is too small for your space, please check out the Easy 1100 SmokeCloak Fog Machine.

Unit Price $3,920.00

Installation Extra

Document Library

EASY 600 Brochure Spec Sheet

Smoke Cloak Manual

Business Alarm System Edmonton

Easy 1100 SmokeCloak

The EASY 1100 SmokeCloak is a very powerful security fog machine. Designed to protect mid sized open areas up too 1400 sqft.

The EASY 1100 SmokeCloak is the perfect security fog solution to medium sized businesses, open areas and office spaces. The unique twin fog nozzle output allows extremely effective, fast distribution of thick security fog.

The Easy 1100 SmokeCloak protects areas up too 1400 square feet.  If this fog machine is too small for your space, please check out the Easy 2200 SmokeCloak Fog Machine.

Unit Price: $5419.00

Installation Extra


EASY 1100 Spec Sheet

Smoke Cloak Manual

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SmokeCloak Easy 2200 Security Fog System Information Page

The EASY 2200 SmokeCloak is a very high power security fog system with a high level of configuration available to suit any alarm installation most importantly with its patented instant heat transfer technology the fog output is very powerful. This allows the SmokeCloak Easy 2200 to fill large areas in seconds. This smoke screen fog system is commonly used to protect high value areas or larger more open areas. It is a perfect system for jewellery stores and is used to protect against daytime armed robbery attacks.

Unit Price $6793.00

Installation Extra


EASY 2200 Spec Sheet

Smoke Cloak Manual

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The SmokeCloak EASY 24V is designed and developed for vehicle usage. This vehicle unit is targeted at companies who transport desirable or high-value goods such as drugs, cigarettes, electronics, alcohol and cash. The EASY 24V has a heavy duty sabotage resistant case.

Business Alarm System Edmonton
Business Alarm System Edmonton

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